Back to School Snacks

Send them back to school with protein packed snacks for an extra boost of energy and thinking power! Our small bags will fit perfectly into their backpacks!

It's only fitting that our extra plump super-size Virginia peanuts make tasty back to school snacks. Planted in May, they're harvested in September, so they've spent the entire summer growing and absorbing the nutrients found in the rich loamy soil of Southeast Virginia and Northeast North Carolina. Our Virginia peanuts may be supersized, but they're packed in snack-sized bags perfect for stashing in students' lunch-boxes, lunch bags, or backpacks.

Today's generation is much more cognizant of the importance of good nutrition and healthy portions. So whether it's a 3, 4, or 6-ounce bag of Virginia Peanuts; a 3-ounce bag of Honey Roasted Peanuts; a 4-ounce bag of Cheese Straws, made with real cheese; or a 2 or a 6-ounce bag of 5 o'clock Crunch (a flavor-filled potpourri of honey roasted peanuts; honey roasted sesame sticks; flaxseed enriched corn chips; chili-lemon corn sticks; honey mustard pretzel sticks; and cheddar cheese crackers); or a 6-ounce bag of Rt 58 Trail Mix (a savory mix of giant salted Virginia Peanuts; sweet almonds; fruity bright papaya chunks; dried sweet cranberries; and crunchy pepitas) -- your student will look forward to discovering which of our healthy snacks you have packed each day.

And if their school allows birthday celebrations, our nut gifts, chock-full of protein, and brain-boosting energy, make a healthy alternative to cupcakes or candy. And the teacher will appreciate that each bag has an easy-to-tear notch and a resealable zip-close top, so they're much more simple to pass out than cake, and need no cleaning up when the celebration is over.

Although we call our individual bags of nut gifts back-to-school snacks, you can dole them out all year. Feridies healthy snacks have a nine-month shelf life, so they stay fresh autumn through spring. And who knows? A bag or two might find their way into dad's coat pocket or mom's pocketbook. We're not pointing any fingers. Just saying!

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