Father's Day Gifts

Are you looking for a great gift for dad? Dads love peanuts and snack mixes! Instead of buying him another tie or a tool for work - treat him to great tasting snacks he will enjoy with his favorite beverage while fishing, golfing and relaxing at the lake or beach.

Not sure what to get him? Send dad an E-Certificate and let him choose his favorites! You can purchase E-Certificates via our website and it will be "e-mailed" to your gift recipient. The gift will be instantly received! No shipping charges and no waiting! It's that easy! Click here to purchase an E-Certificate.
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Father's Day is coming up, and it's time to find some creative gifts that the father in your life will love. Snacks are one of the things that you can always be assured that they're going to make use of, especially if you have the type of father who "always has everything he wants." Create a new family tradition by joining the family at Feridies.

Whether you're certain there's a specific flavor he'll love, or you want to give him an assortment and a snack pack, there's something for your father, grandfather, or spouse. If the father in your life is the type who is always experimenting and enjoys new things, there are also Gift of the Month Peanut Club Packs available, to give them something to enjoy year round. We have a number of different clubs, so you can select something tailored to him.

You can even create your own gift through our "Create My Own Gift" customized mix. You can select two, three, or four cans, and even select wrapping for a complete and convenient gift.

We don't just offer boutique, seasoned nut products: we also have candies, trail mix, and specialty foods. Look through our best sellers and specialty products for exciting gift ideas. Not sure what he would want? Not a problem. A gift card gives him the freedom to look through our assortments and find the one that's perfect.

Since 1973, Feridies has been the home of The Peanut Patch gift shop, and home of Feridies' snacks. With the highest quality, most delicious peanut-based snacks and candies, it's a gift that your loved one is sure to love.

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