Memorial Day Snacks

Celebrate Memorial Day weekend with delicious snacks everyone will enjoy! FERIDIES offers a variety of sweet, salty, spicy and savory snacks to please any palate. Grab your favorite beverage, sit back with FERIDIES snacks and relax!
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What better place from which to order your Memorial Day Snacks than Feridies? We're located in the heart of Virginia, the birthplace of three of our founding fathers, George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and James Madison. Alas for them, the peanut had not yet come into its own during their time. Africans only started planting the legume in American soil in the early 1700s. But you are indeed fortunate, you can eat them to your heart's content, your only problem being which of Feridies' Memorial Day Snacks to sample first. And if you'll be celebrating Memorial Day at a friend's BBQ, your quandary is deciding which of our delicious nut gifts to give your hostess.

Feeling like a no-nonsense heart-of-the- matter peanut experience? Well Feridies Extra Large Crunchy Peanuts should be set out on your table. Take your pick of our Salted Virginia Peanuts, Redskin Virginia Peanuts, or Sea Salt and Black Pepper Virginia Peanuts. No matter which you choose, there's nothing but a light seasoning of salt, and the faint hint of pure peanut oil we use to roast our small batch peanuts. In other words, no distractions just the taste and crunch of Virginia peanuts captured at their peak of perfection. Take your pick of either or better yet, set out all three.

Want to spice up your Memorial Day snacking experience? Well, you're in luck. The question is how spicy do you want it? Just a tad? You want to save the real fireworks for the Fourth of July? Well, step right up to our Classic Cajun Virginia Peanuts . We use a secret cajun blend of seasonings, made from..... well, if we told you, it wouldn't be a secret blend of spices, would it ?

But it's no secret that they're full of flavor and crunch. Now if it's full blown heat you're hankering for, you'll want to try our Hot and Spicy Virginia Peanuts. They're not for the kids in the peanut gallery, so to speak. On the contrary, it took some tasty research but our peanut team stepped up to the plate with a spice blend made up of some of the most tantalizingly fiery peppers you'll ever find in a can of peanuts.

Perhaps you're looking to stock up on nut gifts to bring along as hostess gifts to summer gatherings. In that case, you'll want to have some non-peanut choices in your goody closet. (Yes, Virginia, there are people who for one reason or another do not like peanuts). If you'll be visiting someone like that, you can't go wrong with a can of our plump flavorful Salted Cashews or our Mixed Nuts, a healthy blend of cashews, pistachios, and almonds.

And so you see, Feridies has everyone covered, even when you're on the road you can crack open a can of our Route 58 Trail Mix, an energy-packed blend of naturally sweet dried cranberries, cherries, papaya, and raisins interspersed with sweet almonds, crunchy pepitas, and wouldn't you just know it - Virginia peanuts!

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