FERIDIES offers several delicious gourmet specialty food options to compliment your Thanksgiving meal and enjoy with your family!

You love Feridies amazing Virginia peanuts and other snacks, which is why you should think of our scrumptious Thanksgiving gifts and snacks for your holidays.

Check Out Our Virginia Hams

Whether you're looking for hors d'oeuvres or a main course, we offer Virginia ham as an alternative to the standard Thanksgiving meal. We offer cooked, sliced one pound ham, a boneless cooked two to three pound ham, or an uncooked 12 to 15 pound Virginia ham. Each ham is true to the dry-cured and pepper-coated country hams. Rubbed with brown sugar and molasses for extra flavor, these hams are sure to be a hit at Thanksgiving. Aged, and in many cases smoked, these hams are available delivered right to your door.

Enjoy Our Scrumptious Baked Goods

Thanksgiving is a time of celebration, so what could be better than starting your own tradition with Feridies baked goods? We offer sweet potato biscuits that go wonderfully with our ham. We also offer wonderful desserts such as cinnamon, Granny Smith apple, and blueberry coffee cakes. They're wonderful anytime, but especially around Thanksgiving when you're enjoying your lattes with family and friends. Order soon for Thanksgiving delivery.

Having Guests Over? Be Sure to Stock Up on Snacks

If you're having guests or out-of-town family members come by this Thanksgiving, be sure to stock up on wholesome, great-tasting Feridies Virginia peanuts and other snacks. We have the Celebration Basket with cans of peanuts, cashews, and other goodies, or maybe our Munch Madness with Virginia peanuts, peanut brittle crunch, Sriracha Ranch 5 O'Clock Crunch, and other yummy treats. Or order our large cans of favorite munchies delivered right to your door.

At Feridies we wish you all a wonderful Thanksgiving and a great holiday season.

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