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FERIDIES® super, extra-large Virginia Peanuts are fresh, flavorful and pack a distinctive crunch! Enjoy a wholesome, healthy, all natural snack by adding peanuts to your every day diet. If you are looking for a gift, we offer a large selection in a variety of price ranges or you can Create Your Own. As you browse our site, you will discover all that there is to know about FERIDIES® World's Finest Peanuts & Provisions, Virginia Peanuts and other specialty nuts. If find yourself in the area, stop by the store where you'll discover a one-of-a-kind shopping experience featuring a diverse range of home and personal gifts, specialty foods, kitchen provisions, and of course our exceptional Virginia Peanuts. The shop is located at 27478 Southampton Pkwy, Courtland, VA.

FERIDIES® is the best place to shop when you are looking for a crunchy snack or treat that will also provide you with other natural benefits. We specialize in Virginia peanuts, but also offer a wide variety of items that are great for any occasion including:

  • Snack Mixes - We have a variety of sweet and savory mixes for parties, gifts, and for personal snacking. You can find the perfect snack mix with our selection.
  • Gourmet Nuts - We do not just carry the best peanuts, but also offer cashews, almonds and mixed nuts so you can have a variety of flavors available at your events.
  • Peanut Candies - We've created a delicious assortment of candy recipes featuring peanuts such as peanut brittle crunch, honey roasted peanuts, and many other seasonal flavors.
  • Snack and Trail Mixes - We love trail mix and we think you will love ours, too. Make sure you purchase enough for your personal stash as well as for your guests.
  • Virginia Ham - Virginia is not only known for having the best peanuts, but also delicious Virginia Country Ham. This southern treat is great for any occasion.

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