How Peanuts and Baseball Came to Be Inseparable

If you have ever been to a baseball game, then you already know that peanuts are a staple snack. In fact, there are some people who absolutely have to get peanuts when they are going to a baseball game. The two simply go hand in hand. But have you ever wondered why that is or how this came to be?

When and How Did it Start?

In America, the two have been paired together since the late 19th century. During that time, baseball was the national past time so people were going to games all the time. Peanuts were also found at ballparks. It first began, however, when Harry Stevens decided to sell some advertising space on their scorecards to a peanut company. Instead of paying for the advertising with money, the company paid in peanuts and then these peanuts were sold in the ballpark. This was in 1895 and the rest is history. If you have been to a baseball game, then you have also probably sung "Take Me Out to the Ballgame" which serves as a reminder for everyone to enjoy the tasty snack while at the game. The song was written in 1908 after peanuts had solidified their place in the sport.

Why it Worked

In order for peanuts to become a staple, people also had to like them as a snack at the games. People loved them. Peanuts were tried at other sporting events before baseball games and they were not as popular but in baseball, it simply worked. Many people believe that it worked because baseball is a game where there is not a lot of action every second of the game. As the tension builds, people want something to do with their hands. Peanuts solved the problem and people started eating them out of habit, sometimes a nervous habit. And the concession stands were able to pair the light and delicious snack with a drink so it worked for everyone.

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