Butter Toffee Peanuts

For a limited time only, FERIDIES has added Butter Toffee Peanuts back to our line of Peanut Candies. These select peanuts are sugar coated and lightly butter toasted creating a delightful gourmet treat!

We stop short of saying that eating our butter toffee peanuts is like waking up and having a toffee snack in heaven, but we will say it's a heavenly treat. Or maybe we'll just say our butter toffee peanuts are the best of two worlds - our peanut brittle crunch and our honey roasted Virginia peanuts. Open a can and pop a butter toffee peanut in your mouth, and you'll instantly recognize the buttery smooth sweet taste of our Feridie's peanut brittle crunch and a second later the naturally sweet crunch of our supersized Virginia peanuts roasted to the point of perfection.

And if you've tried any of our other Virginia peanut varieties, whether unsalted or salted, redskin, seasoned, or raw, you'll be glad to know that you're getting the same type of premium large crunchy peanuts, every one of them harvested from rich Virginia soil. But exquisite taste is not the only benefit that you'll reap from our butter toffee peanuts. Lest you forget, peanuts are legumes which means they're packed with heart-healthy monounsaturated fat and antioxidants, not to mention B vitamins like niacin and folate and vitamin E, making them essential in the areas of heart support, muscle function, and post-workout muscle recovery. But don't tell your kids butter toffee peanuts have health benefits, just let them think they're eating candy.

The only thing about letting your kids sample your butter toffee peanuts is that once they do, they'll eat up all your stash. But no worries, you can always ask us to send you more. And when you do, how about ordering a couple of 9 oz cans of butter toffee peanuts to hide away for when guests drop in, and maybe a can or three of 18 oz cans for last minute hostess gifts for when you are invited to friend's homes for a party or a barbecue. Speaking of barbecues, can you think of any munchies that better compliment the secret savory sauce of grilled-to-perfection ribs? If you can imagine a better pairing, let us know, because we can't!

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