Looking for a gift with peanuts, nuts or snacks mixes? FERIDIES offers a wide selection of gift creations in a variety of price ranges for any occasion.

There are no current specials... perhaps you'd be interested in some of our most popular treats:

FERIDIES takes pride in the large selection of gift assortments offered in addition to the ability to create your own gift. If you are looking for a gift for a particular occasion, simply use the Refine search options on the left navigational panel to narrow your search. You can search for gifts based on price, occasion and nutrition. If you are still unable to find your favorites, you can simply create your own. Certain gift boxes have bands or ribbons with messages like Happy Birthday, Happy Holidays, Thank You and more. Whether you are looking for the perfect gift for the holidays, a business client, or just to show that you are thinking of someone, the gift of nuts is a great solution. We offer many different options for you to choose from that range in prices as well as different assortments. You can find the perfect option for any occasion through our available gift sets.

Holiday Gifts

If you are looking for a great holiday gift that you can give your loved ones, coworkers, or employees, then look no further than our nut gifts. We have themed holiday sets that you can choose from which allow you to buy it and gift it. Because they are already themed to the holidays, you do not need to do any extra gift wrapping. This not only makes it great for whoever you give it to but it makes it easy for you.

Nut Gift Sets

Not sure what you should give to someone? We have you covered with our snack gifts. You can get several different options in one gift so you can ensure that the recipient will get something they will enjoy. They are also the perfect snack size so they can try every kind to find what they like. You can get a gift set that has two or three different nut varieties or you can get a complete assortment of salty or sweet nuts.

Create Your Own Gift Set

While we do already have a lot of peanut gifts for you to choose from, we know that you may have something special in mind. You can always create your own gift set with different available nut varieties from our store. Simply visit the gift page and select the customizable options to see what you can curate for that special someone or occasion coming up in your life.

Take a look around the site to find the perfect gift that you have been looking for. Whoever you give it to will love how thoughtful you have been and will enjoy every taste of our quality nuts.

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