Sweet Mixes

We've created snack mixes to please any palate! Our sweet, salty or savory mixes are guaranteed to be enjoyed by all. Our chocolate mixes can be shipped late October to April when the temperature drops below 70 degrees.

FERIDIES award-winning Virginia peanuts, salted or unsalted, make a great snack that is tasty, satisfying and nutritious. We offer our customers nothing but the best hand-selected super extra-large peanuts grown in the sandy loam soil of southeastern Virginia. We roast our extraordinary peanuts in peanut oil to insure an excellent flavor, and lightly salt them for just the right tang and crunchiness.

Still, everybody likes a little variety. Sometimes we want something rich and delicious, what we call savory, and FERIDIESs offers a number of savory mixes that are guaranteed to satisfy that hunger. Sometimes, however, it is our sweet tooth that is acting up, and we need something (usually chocolate) to quell that craving. Instead of reaching for a candy bar (even one with peanuts) or a slice of pie (even pecan pie), try our sweet mix. This mix is a special blend of chocolate covered fruits and nuts carefully crafted to highlight the delightful contrast of salty nuts and exquisitely sweet chocolate, each flavor preserving its character. Chefs call this blending of flavors "complex" because, while all the flavors are there in a bite, each flavor is distinct, making its presence known on the palate. No hodge-podge of flavors and textures, our sweet snack mix is crafted to insure each texture and flavor can be enjoyed to the fullest.

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