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Are you new to FERIDIES and not sure what to try? Let us help by suggesting a few of our current best selling products and customer favorites! These snacks are perfect for any occasion!
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Seven decades have passed since our founding family arrived at the idea of opening an antique refinishing business turned gift shop here in Virginia. Looking back it's hard to believe that one thing was missing. Even though they were relocated in Southampton county, smack dab in the middle of Virginia peanut country, not a single peanut was featured among their offerings. When this oversight dawned on them, it didn't take long for them to realize an about-face was warranted. The words Peanut Patch appeared on the sign outside, and before they knew it they became a way station for both visitors and locals on the hunt for the best of the best, the pick of the Virginia peanuts crop. And since we nothing else if not picky, that's what they found.

Whether you choose our Feridies Salted Peanuts, Redskin Peanuts, Happy Hour Crunch, or any of our other best-selling nut gifts, you can rest assured that when you open the can you'll find the largest crunchiest peanuts Northeastern North Carolina and Southeastern Virginia has to offer. They may all have their signature flavor from the salt and pepper tang of the Sea Salt and Black Pepper variety to the delightful mix of rich chocolaty sweetness that gives away to the satisfyingly salty peanut within our Chocolate Covered Milk Chocolate Peanuts, but they all have one thing in common - the Virginia peanuts at their heart have all been roasted in pure peanut oil to ensure that they reach you with all their flavor and healthful qualities intact.

No matter whether you visit us at our unique Courtland Virginia Peanut Patch gift shop or order from our website, you'll be getting the finest Virginia peanuts Virginia has to offer, carefully packaged with your enjoyment in mind. Our best selling peanut products come in a variety of sizes and packages, so they make perfect nut gifts to have on hand when special occasions present themselves.

And although our Virginia peanuts need no help in speaking for themselves, we'd like to add that peanuts are said to be heart-healthy when included in a diet that includes similar monounsaturated fat foods.

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