Cheese Straws

Our cheese straws are made with real cheddar cheese. A real southern treat!

FERIDIES cheddar cheese straws have to be tasted to be understood. Plump, crunchy, and tangy, these waffle-patterned delectables have a texture all their own. But the best thing about them is they're never out of you can stock up on them now and enjoy them later when those big days roll around:

They fit right in at Easter, a holiday known for showering loved ones with treats. Brimming with the tangy taste of cheddar cheese, they fit right in with all those hard-boiled eggs. And they're a people pleaser at Easter egg hunts and other outdoor festivities, especially for those who have had their fill of chocolate eggs and bunnies.

When Mother's Day rolls around you can shower mom with gifts, honor her with a brunch, after all, she'll probably expect it, but what she won't expect is a basket filled with her favorite munchies - a few packets of cheddar cheese straws, a can of Virginia peanuts; or perhaps FERIDIES 5 0'Clock Crunch, an assortment which contains both, plus a few more of our all-season much loved Southern snacks.

And since Cheddar Cheese Straws come in their own 4-ounce bag, they make a perfect stocking stuffer. But beware, although it's a little-known fact, Santa has a serious craving for cheese, so he's been known to swipe a bag or two for himself. So it's not a bad idea to order a few backups just in case. No need to worry about them going to waste, you can always pack a bag or two in the kids' lunch boxes. They have an easy to open tear notch and a resealable zipper lock seal, so (don't tell the teacher) if they don't scarf them all down at lunch, they can stash the bags in their pockets for when mid-afternoon munch attacks arise.

So, summer, fall, winter, spring, it's a good time to stock up. You never know when friends and family may drop in, so you'll be prepared. And the great thing for you is that there's little to clean up after they leave - except the empty bags.

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