Mixed Nuts

We combined our extra-large salted Virginia peanuts with the finest whole cashews, almonds, pecans, blanched almonds, filberts and macadamias and lightly salted them to create a delicious yet healthy snack.

Boxed chocolates have their day on February 14 and bunnies and chicks nestle in Easter baskets, so you may be feeling sorry for mixed nuts since they don't have their day. If so, cheer up, nut gifts fit any occasion. And they're always greeted with joyful thanks -- before being whisked away by the recipient for later enjoyment. If you're wondering why, it's because they know that once they're opened, they disappear. No, they don't disappear into thin air. They're gobbled up because as the old commercial used to say, "Bet you can't eat just one." In fact, there should be a warning label on each of our cans. Caution, ingredients are habit-forming; not may be, but are. And when it comes to the mixed nuts we put together, it's easy to see why.

The extra-large plump Virginia peanuts like those we've been selling for nearly a half-decade are chock-full of down-home lightly-salted golden roasted flavor. And they're locally sourced from just over the state line.

Speaking of homeboys, you'll also find our pecans with their signature sweet buttery slightly floral flavor and distinctive rich woody aroma.

And our rich cashews give the Virginia peanuts a run for their money as far as size is concerned. Plump and full of sweet flavor, they may be the most addictive of the entire mixed nuts assortment.

Don't forget about our almonds. What do they taste like? Well, they taste like almonds, not sweet, not spicy - they're more neutral, which makes them complementary to some of the bolder tasting nuts in the assortment. Let's just say you have to taste one to know one. And you don't have to feel guilty if you can't stop eating them - they're high in fiber, full of protein, and they're heart-healthy!

Since we want our nut gifts to include the exotic, we give you macadamia nuts and filberts. The macadamia nuts make us think of Hawaii. And the filberts with their smooth round hard shells suggest mahogany trees goring in tropical forests. But don't worry we shell them for you.

Our 9-oz cans are just the right size for storing, so you can pop them open when guests stop by, or wrap them and include them with any of those holiday-specific gifts because our mixed nuts are nut gifts for all seasons.

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